The Best British Footwear Brands

The Best British Footwear Brands

Ah, Great Britain – there’s no place like home. As we’re a London-born and bred family-run business, we have a real soft spot for our British brands. Britain is the starting point for so many renowned shoe brands, so we were a little spoilt for choice when it came to choosing the best.

But of course – we came through. We’ve put together a list of some of the best shoe brands made in Britain. Including the classic school shoemaker, Clarks, and a special guest appearance from some bonus brands like Dr. Martens (that’ll make more sense as you read on!) 

British shoe brands

We’d like to preface this by saying that these brands are in no particular order. We love them all equally. Now, let’s get stuck into some of the best brands for shoes made in the UK today… 


Clarks was founded in 1825 in Street, Somerset, England, by Cyrpus and James Clark. First, they made slippers from cut-offs of sheepskin. Clarks actually created the first ever ‘foot-shaped’ shoe. They were and continue to be some of Britain’s most impressive innovators. 

Each pair of Clarks shoes is carefully designed and constructed using high-quality materials to ensure durability and comfort. They’re an ambassador for children’s shoes all over Britain. They are famous for their flexible soles, easy slip-on, and adjustable straps – perfect for kids.

Shop Clarks Footwear or read The History of Clarks.  


Let’s discuss the ‘puncturists’. Brought to life in Soho, London, England. First brought onto the scene in 1993, the punk legacy was born. Shortly after, they branched out – the brand was not only a producer of footwear and clothing, they were also a record label. 

Acupuncture offers a selection of chunky trainers and sleek slides. And they recently dropped a collection right here at TOWER. 

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John Barbour first established his brand in South Shields, England, in 1894. Barbour originally began as a provider of oilskins and safety gear for fishermen and sailors. The company grew its product line over time and earned a reputation for its tough, waterproof apparel. 

Known for their iconic wax jackets and classic wellington boots – Barbour made a name for themselves, and Brits couldn’t get enough. And we get it! Barbour’s products are a strong choice. They’re sturdy and stand their ground against Britain’s unpredictable weather. 

If you fancy finding out more about Barbour and its origin, read The History of Barbour or shop our Barbour Footwear

H by Hudson

Hudson Shoes was founded in London in 1990. Soon after, gained a reputation for creating stylish and versatile footwear. But we’re here to go talk about H by Hudson, the collection branch of Hudson Shoes. 

H by Hudson was curated to be more suited to the younger man – city living, office workers, out on a Friday evening men. Of course, Hudson Shoes makes footwear for both men and women, but the H by Hudson collection is specifically for gents. 

The designs of H by Hudson combine traditional and contemporary features, producing footwear that is timeless. Thirty years on, the H by Hudson shoe collection is as popular as ever. 

Fancy seeing for yourself? Check out our H by Hudson shoes. Or, check out The History of H by Hudson

Ted Baker

According to the brand themselves, the idea for the ‘Ted Baker’ came to Ted on a fishing trip in 1987. With its first store opening in Glasgow one year later, Ted Baker then spread its wings and opened three more stores in Manchester and Nottingham. Let’s fast forward to 2000, when Ted Baker’s first footwear collection was launched. This being just one year Ted Baker opened their first airport store in Gatwick. 

Ted Baker footwear bridges the gap between casual and smart. Trainers to brogues? Got’em. You really can find something for any occasion. 

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Dr. Martens

The history of DMs can be a little confusing. Although the brand’s bouncing cushioned soles were invented by German soldier Dr. Klaus Maertens, the brand itself is actually a German-founded British brand with its headquarters in Northamptonshire, England. 

So, it’s fair to say that there has been some collaboration between the Brits and Germans to birth one of the most popular footwear brands we’ve seen. 

Want to learn more about Dr. Martens and the story behind the stomping boots we know and love today? Discover The History of Dr. Martens 

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