The Complete History of H by Hudson

The Complete History of H by Hudson

Today, we're taking great pride in introducing you to H by Hudson - the newest brand to hit our shelves and the street-savvy sister of Hudson Shoes, one of East London's most prestigious formal footwear makers. Learning about the product we rock on our feet is something that we hold very closely to our heart, over here at TOWER. We like to know exactly what goes into every panel, lace and ounce of rubber before stepping one foot outside of the door. 

So, let's get on with it shall we? Here we are, the complete history of H by Hudson its wider brand, Hudson Shoes.

The Complete History of Hudson Shoes

Born, bred and raised as a product of East London, Hudson Shoes was founded in 1990 with the aim of 'providing premium, contemporary footwear' for quite literally everyone. You know, just as it should be. As your modern formal-wearer or office-goer, it's never been more important to ensure that the shoes on your feet are perfectly suited for the occasion - because, well, you wouldn't want to walk a mile in anyone else's shoes, would you?

Each style is designed around a number of essential pillars - elevated craftsmanship, an exceedingly passionate approach to the creative process that brings panels together, for the highest quality result possible without sacrificing their final pillar... comfort! All of this, just to make sure that you feel good, or perhaps better with each passing step.

Despite exponential growth, Hudson Shoes never forgot who they are. So, those signature wardrobe staples that you fell in love with on day one are still available today - though, considered as one of the Hudson Classics.

The History of H by Hudson

Now onto the 'cooler brother' of Hudson Shoes - H by Hudson, the team inspired by modern day music trends and undeniable youth culture. Taking everyday wearability away from your average and into the extraordinary. 

On occasion, you may even discover a level of premium build and luxury edge that you hadn't previously considered - or thought to be available at this price point. The H by Hudson team puts extra focus on the versatility, durability and wearability of their pairs all 12 months of the year. Great work from an even better team.

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And that's it - everything you need to know about H by Hudson and Hudson Shoes, without looking elsewhere! Now, you can shop H by Hudson for yourself by clicking just above, or get to know more about our favourite guides and styles below.