Ralph Lauren History: From Ties To Footwear

Ralph Lauren History: From Ties To Footwear

Ah, the history of Ralph Lauren (RL), the story is a good one. It truly is the embodiment of the American dream. Something we Brits have always been quite intrigued by. 

In this guide, we explore each milestone in the history of Ralph Lauren. And, of course, the footwear along the way. We are TOWER, after all. From its inception in 1967 to its more recent achievements, such as Ralph Lauren's commitment to sustainability in 2019 by launching the “Design the Change’ initiative.

We’ve done some research into who’s worn Ralph Lauren over the years, like the beloved Princess Diana. We also answer some of the frequently asked questions, like, is Ralph Lauren a luxury brand?

A brief history of Ralph Lauren

So, buckle up and let’s take a deep dive into Ralph Lauren’s history.

The launch of Ralph Lauren: 1967

The launch of Ralph Lauren, as history tells it, is that the name "Polo Ralph Lauren" was used to introduce RL's first collection of men's ties. These ties come in a variety of vivid hues and distinctive designs, laying the groundwork for his future success.

Ralph Lauren trainers

Building on the success of his ties, Ralph Lauren expanded its brand by introducing a full menswear collection. This collection showcased his signature blend of classic American style featuring tailored suits, sportswear, and of course, footwear.

Introducing the iconic Polo shirt: 1972

The distinctive Polo shirt was first introduced by Ralph Lauren and quickly became a cult classic. The embroidered polo player logo and preppy design of the Polo shirt represented the brand's classic style.

The same year saw Ralph Lauren branch out and launch their first women’s clothing line. They perfectly blended elegant clothing with sophisticated designs. Women and men were both able to wear RL.

The first London store opened: 1981

An exciting time for Londoners – Ralph Lauren launched its first store outside of the US. And, of course, chose London. The shop was located on New Bond Street and was the first free-standing shop for an American designer in London. 

Opened the first RL restaurant: 1999

If you were dressed head to toe in Ralph Lauren in 1999 and found yourself in Chicago, it was likely that you would be dining in the first-ever RL restaurant. This was the first of many, including bars and coffee, although these restaurants aren’t what the brand is best known for.

Hello Wimbledon: 2006

A British favourite, Wimbledon became officially fitted out by Ralph Lauren in 2006. RL began creating the uniforms for all Wimbledon officials.

Committing to change: 2019

Ralph Lauren launched the "Design the Change" programme as part of its commitment to sustainability. Reduced environmental effects, responsible sourcing, and community support are the main objectives of this effort.

Is Ralph Lauren a luxury brand?

Absolutely, yes. Ralph Lauren is a luxury brand. This is down to a combination of factors, such as its craftsmanship, expertise, and materials used to create its products.

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