NEW IN: Acupuncture

NEW IN: Acupuncture

We have some good news – it’s time to welcome Acupuncture to the TOWER family. 

Who are Acupuncture?

Original "puncturist" Phil De Mesquita and designer Nikos Nicholaou created Acupuncture in Soho, England, in 1993. They first came on the scene as a clothes store. This soon evolved, and they soon became a punk record label. 

It’s interesting to think how so much has changed for Acupuncture – from records to trainers. But, always punk.

Acupuncture has soon become a space for all creative individuals to express themselves. To use footwear, music and clothing to show the world who they are.

Acupuncture trainers

Although we love the colourful background, our hearts were really stolen when we saw Acupuncture footwear—especially the trainers. 

Gingypock trainers

Let’s take a look at the Acupuncture Gingypock trainers, for example…

With their lace-up panel and extra lace detail, this chunky trainer is adjustable for the perfect fit. The best way to describe the Acupuncture Gingypock trainer would be “where bold design meets quality construction.” Ideal for activewear and both men and women.

Acupuncture Gingypock Orange Trainers

Beefer trainers

Now, let us introduce you to the Beefer trainers… 

Beefy by name and beefy by nature, this unisex silhouette stands out from the crowd. These chunky trainers feature a robust synthetic material and a durable rubber outsole. If you’re looking for some major stomping trainers with unparalleled quality, look no further.

Acupuncture Beefer Trainers

Discover Acupuncture shoes with TOWER

We’re all about you, finding your feet, and letting your self-expression flow. Get to know our range of unisex Acupuncture trainers today. 

Shop Acupuncture Shoes

We wouldn’t be TOWER if we didn’t point you in the right direction of more top-notch footwear. Explore the full collection of Women’s Trainers and Men’s Trainers today from the Best Footwear Brands going. 

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