Chunky AND funky, the Buffalo Triplet Hollow trainer

Chunky AND funky, the Buffalo Triplet Hollow trainer

Okay, we know what you're thinking - that is a very chunky trainer, and you'd be right, it is. This is the Buffalo Triplet Hollow trainer, your answer to high-end styling without the price tag.

As it stands, we love a chunky runner at TOWER - and you'd hope so considering that Brick Lane is full of them! But, there's always been a gap left open by our flatform favourites; the brands putting height into every style bar the one that are being worn here, there and everywhere.

History of Buffalo

You may not be aware, but Buffalo’s story in 1976 with tribute to Mexican cowboy boots - yep, you read that right! Founder Michael Conradi discovered the footwear style on a trip and went on to establish Buffalo Boots in 1979, selling especially well amongst his native Germany’s fashionable youth.

Worldwide reach was achieved in 1984, running alongside the brand’s venture into versatility through sporting footwear. Alas, 1995 marked the launch of a Buffalo classic and likely the style you’re here to find today.

We welcomed an icon, in fact it wasn’t just us - Cher, Madonna, N’SYNC  and the Spice Girls all rocked Buffalo footwear with that Cloud Sole underfoot. Nothing says generational icon quite like that sculpted platform in all of its glory.

Buffalo Triplet Hollow trainer

But, why is the Buffalo Triplet Hollow trainer the perfect pair to rock this summer? We can give you a number of reasons, actually. Firstly, a removable memory foam footbed means you can adjust and tweak as you deem necessary - this is a lightweight vegan shoe that simply lets your foot breathe! There's something so harmonious about breathable, vegan footwear. We'll stand by that, we'll stand by that 6cm above the ground.

To conclude, we think this might just be the pair for you. We bare no information to base this conclusion on, however, '90s styling absolutely never lies.

You can bag the Buffalo Triple Hollow trainer at today, or join us in-store to fulfil all of your Buffalo desires.