Why rock flatforms? Kickers know best!

Why rock flatforms? Kickers know best!

In the modern market, why and how should we rock flatform shoes? Though, it’s imperative that we seek out the fine line between flatform and platform footwear before anything else. To keep it brief, platform footwear is raised at the heel, whereas flatform are the idyllic middle ground between platforms and the classic wedge sole – they're there for support beneath classic uppers, not just to look good. 

This is your chance to secure extra height, without losing sight of everything it means to be a stable trainer; often, brandishing them somewhat more comfortable than their predecessors. But, there’s one brand leading the way in today’s market of flatform goodness – it's Kickers, one of our HQ favourites. 

Kickers Kick Hi Vegan

First up, the Kick Hi Stack Vegan – a silhouette made using remarkably soft and durable plant-based leather, contrasting nicely with your standard Kickers catalogue rife with plush, though genuine leather panelling. Whilst the pair has been switched up to cater for a modern, eco-wary market, you’ll continue to quick-step with triple-stitching and the branded flourette to boot. However, what happens if we want something with additional drive? Angled perfection? KADE Lo, here we go. 

Kickers Kade Lo

It may be a newcomer on the block, but Kickers’ Kade Lo draws curved lines and a chunky sole from the brand’s ‘00s back-catalogue. Where do these sit, on vintage or classic rotations? Perhaps at the very peak of your springtime wardrobe, dressed-up and down with a dual-density EVA sole underfoot. Simply-put, the Kade Lo is a piece of tonal elegance. 

Let’s conclude this dive into flatform landforms with a nudge in the direction of our website, where all of your level-soled, Kickers flatform needs can be met. Join us here.