Lug it, lug it! Timberland's tri-holed boatie

Lug it, lug it! Timberland's tri-holed boatie

In their own words, Timberland combined hard work, innovation and a love for the great outdoors to birth the brand back in 1952. Founder, Nathan Swartz, began his footwear story upon partial-investment into the Abington Shoe Company - later buying out his partner and welcoming his sons into the business.

But, we've touched base with the brand before. Today, is all about the tri-holed, deep-lugged classic boat shoe. What sets them apart? Why should we all buy into the hand-sculpted boat shoe that is one of Timberland's Icons?  

History of the Timberland Boat Shoe

First and foremost, didn't you see? They're hand-stitched! Originally designed in 1978, this boat shoe soon became a classic with thanks to a rugged boot lug underfoot. Timberland supports responsible manufacturing via the Leather Working Group, so that's a perk as well when it comes to premium, full grain leather.  

If that wasn't enough, consider the 360 degree functional rawhide lacing system for a custom fit, lined in leather for additional comfort beyond the EVA-blend foam footbed, 

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