How to Care For Your Trainers, Boots and Smart Footwear

How to Care For Your Trainers, Boots and Smart Footwear

We hear you. How do I keep my shoes looking clean for longer?

The cost of living crisis. We're all feeling the pinch, don't worry, it's hitting just about everyone! You're not alone, in fact just by being a part of the TOWER family, you have someone to help you through this. 

Now, a way to save money is by being careful and looking after what you already have. Don't tip-toe, and by no means go out of your way to bubble-wrap your shoes! Because they'll no longer be wearable, of course.

However, we do have a method or two for keeping your new pairs looking new for longer.

How to Prepare Your Shoes

It's not all about cleaning them post-wear - preparing them for the wear ahead can be just as important. Think about it this way, would you leave the house without showering, moisturising and doing your hair? No - so, you shouldn't leave the house without preparing your leather shoes, specifically. Nature is a dangerous place; so are London's paving slabs.

TOWER Beeswax Polish (and shine!)

Best for use on premium black leathers, this beeswax is exclusively available at TOWER - buffing out a long-lasting shine with help from a shining cloth, too. The process isn't a long one, it just requires a little love!


How to Clean Your Shoes

Say you didn't follow our prior instructions - that's fine, we don't take it to heart, but there is something you can do to revive your favourite shoes. Before anything, we ask that you brush away all of the loose dirt with a horsehair brush as any debris can dampen and soak further into the suede, leather or otherwise.

TOWER Nubuck Cleaning Block

One for small marks on soft, soft suede! Sometimes a cleaning foam isn't necessary - whilst that may be hard to believe, we wouldn't lie to you. Simply use the corner and gently rub until it crumbles, just like an eraser. Nubuck and suede, fear no wear!



TOWER 125ml Foam Cleaner

With a soft-bristle brush, preferably horsehair, the foam cleaner can lather up and and clean deep into technical materials, leather, suede and mesh of course. We do recommend only using a little pump per brush stroke. Don't over saturate!


If we offered the correct advice for you, this may well be the perfect blog! But, if your pair is completely destroyed and destined for the bin, then why not hit one of the blogs below? Let's find a pair together!

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