DNA Deep-dive: How to throw down the Birkenstock Arizona

DNA Deep-dive: How to throw down the Birkenstock Arizona

Birkenstock’s story began in 1774, leading the way for comfortably practical mules and sandals without compromising on ergonomically designed details for wear here, there and as of now - everywhere.

However, the focus of today's deep-dive is none other than the Arizona - you know, the dual-strapped titan we all know and love. Hitting the feet of employees between 1971-72, preliminary prototypes became shelf-residing goodies in '73 as Birkenstock's third shoe - following the Madrid and Zurich of course. What makes the Arizona special, we hear you ask? Well, each pair undergoes 17 separate stages before the showing face on the big stage - including the baking of each cork-latex footbed and punching perforations in every strap for buckle collaboration. Now, the history may be great and the heritage rife, but how exactly should you be styling your Arizona sandals? We may not be your first port of call, however we certainly know how to make the Arizona glow.

1. Jeans, jeans, jeans!

Casual with a hit of holiday attire, jeans aren't just for the pub - no, they're for Arizona too! Simply look for a lightwash pair of jeans, turn up your cuffs and get stepping correctly.










2. Keep it cosy, we're saying trackpants...

Cosy with emphasis on the trackpants! Post-Covid, we've come to realise that trackpants are the underappreciated superstar of our wardrobe rotations. After all, if it's not cosy then what's the point?










3. Baggy cargo overpants.

Popularised by Tiktok and fashionistas traipsing around Brick Lane's cobbled backstreets, the baggy cargo or BDU overpant is a sight to behold. When they're the perfect length, the Arizona hits differently.










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