What Makes Dr. Martens so Iconic?


There aren’t many brands that are as well-known or as recognisable as Dr. Martens. But what is it that makes this label still so desirable? Ellie Craig chats to UK marketing manager Daniel Freeland to find out.

Dr. Martens is such an iconic brand, how do you get the balance of staying true to your roots but also creating on-trend styles?
It’s simple – we do not chase trends and we walk our own path. We target our collection at the non-conformist and those with a rebellious sense of individual style through simply remaining entirely authentic and focused about being in the business of making high quality shoes and boots. We also have a set of core brand pillars which we stick to which guide us through. We maintain our roots through staying British through our Innovation, attitude and creativity. We also remain entirely entrenched in music and those subcultures and styles that have been influenced by these movements over the decades.

How important was it to Dr. Martens to have a ‘Made in England’ collection?
Very. The original factory that made the first pair on 1st April 1960 is still in operation and continues to make this Made in England range. The factory is full of experienced shoe makers who are all experts in the Art of Industrial Manufacture and still produce our vintage line and our Made in England styles. The factory is also used to make special collaborations that have global resonance. The Made in England product has breathed new life into UK shoe production and as a result we are now training a host of new apprentices in the Art of Industrial Manufacture.

Dr. Martens has long been associated with punks and the music scene; do you think the perception of the brand has changed at all in recent years?
No. Throughout Dr. Martens history, the brand has been adopted and subverted by countless characters, subcultures and tribes. These are the people who have always stood out from the crowd in their own unique way and for many, this journey of self-expression has more often than not been accompanied by a pair of DMs. Dr. Martens will always continue to celebrate these free thinking individuals – from first time wearers to those who have been with the brand forever as these are the authentic characters that stand for something and who have helped shaped the brand to what it is today.

Any top tips for what to team your Dr. Martens with this summer?
Dr. Martens do a great range of clothing and accessories to complement the current footwear range.
Particular highlights include the range of leather satchels in various materials, sizes and finishes.

Which pair of Dr. Martens could you not bear to be without?
This summer is all about Dr. Martens shoes for men and women. Particular highlights for men would be the range of summer brogues – the 3989, Alfred or Baylee. For women it’s hard to see past the Aila tattoo print shoe or the chunky strap Clarissa sandals.

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