Are You Wearing the Right Size Shoes?


Ever heard the expression ‘fashion victim’? Yup, thought so. But chances are you don’t see yourself as one. Unfortunately, new research by the British College of Podiatry shows that more than one half of women and a third of men have worn shoes that don’t fit them and we would safely say the majority of those case are due to us simply HAVING to have those shoes. Unfortunately, wearing treads that don’t fit can lead to a variety of problems including blisters, bunions and hammer toes, none of which look good with these season’s sandals. To combat these issues we’ve compiled some handy tips to ensure you find shoes that actually fit.

Don’t Guess Your Size
You may have been a size five in Birkenstock four years ago but that doesn’t mean you’re a size five in Ted Baker now. A lot of shoe shops, including TOWER London, provide a fitting service so just ask a member of staff to measure your feet and jot down the results for you. You should also take notice of the width as some brands are better for those with wide or narrow feet. Try to do this at least once or twice a year as feet do change shape the older we get.

Try Not to be Vain
One of the biggest culprits when it comes to ill-fitting shoes is pointed stilettos. As the point elongates the foot, many of us try to cram our feet into a shoe that is obviously too small but looks better. It may look ok when you’re sitting down but the pain will increase as soon as you stand up, and let’s not even mention trying to walk in them. If you don’t like how your size looks then just try a different style.

Try Both Shoes On
You may not like to admit it but everyone (yes, even Kate Moss) has one foot larger than the other. To ensure both shoes fit you really do need to try the pair on.

Remember to Stand
This may sounds simple but it really is important to stand up in the shoes you are trying on as your foot is pushed forward when you’re upright. A short walk around the shop (no, not out of the door) will help to determine if they are the right size or not.

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