How to Wear Sliders


There’s nothing worse than really liking a particular trend but not knowing how to make it work for you. From overly chunky platforms to neon brights, cult items can be difficult to style. To solve this, we’ve come up with some top tips to tackle THE shoes of the season: sliders.

Think of the Silhouette
Championed by the likes of Isabel Marant, Prada and Céline, flat, chunky sandals are the shoes to be seen in this summer. That doesn’t mean however that one style will suit all. If you’re really petite then an overly clumpy shape won’t work – instead, opt for a pair with slimmer soles and only one or two wide straps. This will help to create a chic and balanced silhouette.

Coordinate Your Colours
As with any shoes, you need to think about the rest of your outfit. The shape of sliders means that they will naturally stand out so bright colours should only be attempted by the brave. For versatility, opt for black or grey as both of these shades will go with the majority of your wardrobe while still looking on-trend.

Consider Your Whole Outfit
Just like trainers, there are some outfits that simply won’t work with sliders so be careful what you pair them with. Chances are that a bodycon mini dress teamed with flat sliders won’t work (unless you’re Kate Moss) while a loose, below-the-knee sundress, is just the ticket. Wide leg trousers are also perfect for these shoes while skinny jeans should be avoided at all costs.

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