Trafalgar Square: Not Just for Tourists


A magnet for tourists, us Londoners tend to steer clear of Trafalgar Square unless it’s 2am on a Friday evening and we’re trying to get a night bus home. Unfortunately though, by doing this we’re missing out on large chunks of British history.

Built to commemorate Britain’s naval victory in The Battle of Trafalgar back in 1805, Trafalgar Square plays host to everything from live screenings of American football to peaceful rallies and protests. Dominated by Nelson’s Column which was erected in 1843, the square is also home to numerous animals including four bronze lions and more recently a blue cockerel designed by German artist Katharina Fritsch.

Another regular feature of Trafalgar Square is its Christmas tree. Given to us each year by Norway, it acts as an annual symbol of thanks for the help Britain offered its people during WWII.

So next time you’re in central London, take a few minutes out of your schedule to soak up the atmosphere of this historic place. Just don’t walk into any tourists.

Drawing by Mai Osawa from Christopher Winn’s book I Never Knew That About London. Click here to visit Mai’s website.

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