TOWER London’s Top Tips for the Perfect Weekend Away


Escaping the Big Smoke for the weekend? Then TOWER London’s fashion and social media editor, Ellie Craig, has a few words of wisdom for you to ensure you get the most out of your mini break.

Plan Ahead
While opening a map at random and picking a place with your eyes closed may sound exciting and slightly romantic, the reality may be far from that. Why? Because we’re in the middle of the school holidays. Roads are busier than usual and hotels, bed and breakfasts and even campsites are often booked to capacity. So instead of going all Thelma and Louise on us, take a bit of time out to plan where you’re going and make sure to ring ahead to secure a spot.

Consider Transport
That little beach shack on a remote Kent beach may sound like your idea of paradise, but can you actually get there? If, like a lot of Londoners, you don’t have a car then you really need to consider transport. Thanks to our train network, you can get to most major parts of the country in less than six hours but if you’re heading somewhere a bit more remote then it may be easier to rent a vehicle.

Check the Weather
Yes, I know it sounds like a British cliché but you really do need to check the weather before you head off on a jaunt. I remember spending one particularly cold weekend on the Suffolk coast in a lightweight summer dress because I hadn’t bothered to consult BBC Weather before I left London. An umbrella and a pair of shades are both definitely worth packing, especially if you are heading to the seaside.

Think About Food
Excuse me for making another obvious point, but you’d be amazed at how many people forget to think about food, even when they’re spending their weekend in a remote Lake District campsite. Scope out what shops, bars and restaurants are near your chosen location and plan accordingly. If you are going camping then take dry food like Beanfeast (yes, honestly), cereal bars and lots of bottled water.

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Get ready for your weekend away with these stylish essentials:

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