Toughen up your Music Collection with Georgia Anne Muldrow


She may be more commonly associated with soul and jazz but LA native Georgia Anne Muldrow is going after a new audience with her upcoming EP, Ms. One. Her first foray into rap, it sees the multi-talented singer team up with Danish producer Kriswontwo resulting in a vocally brilliant and beat-heavy record. In case that isn’t enough to convince you, we’ve got three more reasons why this is well worth a listen.

She’s as cool as Lauryn Hill
Ms. Hill may be the doyenne of rap and RnB but Georgia Anne could definitely challenge her supremacy. The daughter of legendary jazz and soul guitarist Ronald Muldrow, she is married to the rapper Dudley Perkins, making her musical pedigree pretty much unbeatable. She was also the first woman to sign to Californian label Stones Throw Records which makes her one cool lady.

It’s a break from the Top 40
While we’re not dissing any of the songs are artists currently in the Top 40, it is nice to have a bit of a change, musically speaking. Fortunately, Georgia Anne and Kriswontwo provide just that with Ms. One. From the jazz-influenced Personal to the trippy-beat Crossroads, the two artists have worked hard to create a piece of work which listeners will keep on coming back to.

It’s the perfect party record
Whether you’re a bit of a dad dancer or really do know how to bust out those moves, Ms. One is the perfect party record. Its infectious beats are sure to get you up on your feet before you know it, making it ideal for that end of summer BBQ.

Find out more: Ms. One is released on Monday 1st September. Click here to listen to more.

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