Top Festival Tips from Buyer Sophie


With only one day to go until the legendary Glastonbury opens its gates to 135,000 festivalgoers, now is the time to make sure you’ve got everything sorted before you set off. But apart from taking the obvious (tent, for example), what do you need to remember? Fashion and social media editor Ellie Craig spoke to buyer Sophie Bacon who will be heading to Worthy Farm tomorrow to discover her top festival tips and find out the things you really shouldn’t forget to pack.

“Do not hold any high expectations on being clean at festivals! Bring easy cleaning options like baby wipes, dry shampoo and body spray. And some flip flops for any quick dashes to the portaloos.”

“They may have become a fashion status symbol but wellies really are essentials. Love them or loath them, you will need them at some point over the weekend. A simple pair of Hunters are a great choice, or go for some fun Joules in a floral or polka dot print.”

“Choose your campsite carefully and avoid camping next to pathways otherwise you will have people walking past you all day and night. Try and identify your campsite with something recognisable e.g. a flag. Head torches are definitely your friend when you can’t find your tent in the middle of the night (which let’s face it, is sure to happen at least once).”

“You’re probably going to experience the two extremes of British weather in one weekend, from super sunny days (pack your sunnys & some suncream) to cold and possibly rainy nights. Make sure you have everything covered and take sunnies, sun cream, extra socks and an umbrella.”

“Don’t forget to pack something to eat. It may sound like an obvious one but it’s amazing the amount of people who rock up each year without food. While the stalls at festivals are great they can also be quite expensive so it’s nice to have the option of both. Even something like a box of cereal bars will go down a treat with hungry revellers at 3am.”

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