Three Things you Didn’t Know About Havaianas


With the World Cup kicking off in a matter of days we’ve turned our attention to one of Brazil’s most famous exports; Havaianas. Known for their kaleidoscopic colours and simple but striking designs, Havaianas have won themselves legions of fans from Keira Knightley to Channing Tatum. But apart from the fact that they’re nearly as famous as supermodel Gisele Bündchen, we don’t really know much about the brand. In a bid to change that, we’ve unearthed some facts about Havaianas that we bet you didn’t know.

The Soles are Made to Represent Grains of Rice
No, we’re not pulling your leg, they really are. Havaianas, which were inspired by the traditional Japanese Zori sandals which featured fabric straps and rice straw soles, all have a textured finish in homage to their humble origins.

Havaianas Means ‘Hawaiian’ in Portuguese
Despite being a bastion of all things Brazilian, Havaianas actually means ‘Hawaiian’ in Portuguese. This may seem an odd choice but it’s actually in homage to America’s favourite holiday destination. Considering the brand is over 50 years old, you have to hand it to them that this was a clever ploy to appeal to American consumers.

Nearly Everyone in Brazil has a Pair
Popular since they first launched in 1962, Havaianas have gone from only being worn by the poor to also being sported by the ultra-rich. In fact, they’re so in demand that around 94% of Brazilians have or have owned a pair of Havaianas. And with a population of around 199.321 million people, that a lot of Havaianas. We’ll leave you to do the maths…

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