The Shoe with Cult Status


Hands up who has a pair of Converse. Most of you? We thought so. With a pair of Converse selling every 43 seconds, this all-American brand is still as popular as when it first launched over 100 years ago. But what is that makes it so appealing? Fashion and social media editor Ellie Craig finds out.

Form Meets Function
Founded by Marquis Mills Converse (yes, really) in 1908, Converse originally specialised in rubber shoes for men, women and children. It wasn’t until 1917 they branched into the sporty versions we know and love today. Thanks to their signature gripped rubber soles, Converse became a favourite of basketball players before being adopted by hipsters, rockers and everyone in between.

Cult Appeal
There aren’t many brands that are as likely to be spotted on a rapper as they are on royalty, but Converse is one of them. Sported everywhere from red carpet events to tiny gigs in dingy pubs, Converse’s signature designs have made the brand a global icon. Instantly recognisable as Converse, they manage to appeal to both label lovers and those who prefer their clothing more understated.

Must-Have Designs
Their designs may be similar from season to season but it’s the detailing that continues to keep us hooked. From chunky zips to metallic finishes as well as SS14’s tie-dye prints, Converse’s ability to keep updating classics ensure they are always one step ahead of the rest.

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