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Short for ‘3 related dreams,’ 3.R.D have been shaking up the music scene with their unique blend of hip hop and RnB infused with heavy beats and bold synths. Hailing from south London, brothers A.J, Future and Jonsow are destined for big things. Fashion and social media editor Ellie Craig finds out more.

You all had individual careers in law, IT and surveying before the band, what made you decide to turn your backs on these and focus on music?
Individually we’ve always been interested in music. It’s always been a hobby and a passion before a career move. We wanted what was originally a hobby in our mother’s back room to be heard by everyone.

3.R.D is made up of three brothers, how do you all find working with your siblings?
Being brothers it can be difficult as we all share the same passion and enthusiasm for music but sometimes have different views. As brother opinions are freely shared without feeling that you’re going to offend the others.

You all hail from south London – is it important to you that your music reflects your roots?
It is important that our music reflects who we are more than where we are from. Our music is not inspired entirely by our surrounding or geography. Our music is merely inspired by an impulse in how we feel at any given time which results in a blend of different genres and sounds.


What kind of vibe can we expect to hear on your new mix-tape, All Men Dream?
All Men Dream is a collection of urban sounds – hip hop, rap, RnB and even an undertone of rock. You can expect to hear an original fusion of heavy base lines, lead guitars and synths. We’re trying to create a rich theatrical sound with different dynamics.

Can you explain your creative process for All Men Dream?
Our creative process was often sparked by the mood we were in, just like how you’ll decide what you want to listen to because of how you’re feeling at the time. There were different things we were influenced by when creating the mix tape, including the ambition of wealth for the track Black Gatsby. The name of our mix tape is an indication that what we desire has not yet been acquired. All men have dreams and what we’ve done is put those dreams into our music. Even the instrumental sections try and evoke emotions.

What has been your proudest moment so far?
Our proudest moment is yet to come however the completion of All Men Dream is definitely a proud moment for us.

What’s next for 3.R.D?
At the moment we’re working on some new material. We haven’t yet decided on the direction of the project but that’s what makes it all the more exciting.

Any tips for budding singers?
Believe in yourself if you want it go for it and enjoy the journey.

Get a piece of 3.R.D’s edgy style with these kicks:

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