Who Team TOWER is Supporting in the World Cup


There’s nothing like the World Cup to bring out people’s loyalties and allegiances. Whether you’re cheering for your home country or have opted for a surrogate state, dedication is everything. We asked four people at TOWER HQ to tell us who they’ll be supporting and why.

“Football has always been the only sport that I follow, and Greece being a traditional basketball-playing nation unfortunately means we’re rarely involved in international tournaments. The first tournament I went to watch Greece in was Euro 2004 in Portugal and from never having scored a goal in a competitive tournament Greece won the European Cup! Seeing as I haven’t had children yet, so I can’t comment on that, it was by far the greatest experience of my life and now I’m hooked. Every tournament since 2004 I’m there. So now it’s Brazil and the World Cup and the aim is always the same: win the first game and we shall see.”
Gerry Demopoulos, director

“I hate to admit this but football isn’t my favourite sport (it’s no cricket, is it?) but that won’t stop me from following the World Cup. Unfortunately India isn’t involved so I’ve had to choose a second country. I’ve gone with Cameroon. Sure, they’re no Brazil but I like the fact they’re something of an outsider and you have to admire Samuel Eto’o – especially the way he celebrates scoring goals. That old man stooping act after his Chelsea manager Mourinho questioned his age and fitness was pure genius.”
Manish Hatkar, systems and operations developer

“You wouldn’t normally catch me planning my social life around football but unfortunately this is what the World Cup does to me. I distinctly remember the moment David Beckham got sent off against Argentina back in 1998 and since then I’ve been addicted. There really is something about the tournament that sweeps you up in the whole magic. As usual I will be supporting England but I am under no illusion that we are probably going to crash and burn. But that uncertainty is what makes the World Cup so exciting.”
Ellie Craig, fashion and social media editor

“‘Everything is possible,’ said Italy’s coach Prandelli after we beat Fluminense 5-3. And I believe him. As a native Italian I will definitely be behind my home team. We might not be playing the “tiki-taka” which the Brazilians are crazy about but the famous “catenaccio” has brought us four World Cup titles so far and trust me, that’s more important than anything. As our president Giorgio Napolitano said, we will fight for every ball with enthusiasm so that every pessimist will believe we can win the World Cup.”
Gabriel Baluta, photographer

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