The Most Stylish People in Brazil

We know it’s not strictly anything to do with football but we couldn’t let the World Cup pass without paying homage to the hosting nation’s sense of style. Known for their ability to mix everything together, Brazil’s citizens have an uncanny knack to always look nothing short of amazing.

To celebrate this, we’ve teamed up with Brazilian photographer Murilo Yamanaka who’s shared some of his most iconic snaps from the streets of his home country. So what is it that makes Brazilians oh-so-cool? Murilo thinks he has the answer: “I think that us Brazilians are so stylish because we usually try different things, always mixing different “kind” of clothes. It’s called “jeitinho brasileiro”. And if we don’t have much money to spend on clothes we tend to compensate with our imaginations.”

Find out more: Visit Murilo Yamanaka’s LinkedIn or Tumblr pages now.

Be inspired by this stylish bunch and treat yourself to a pair of must-have shoes:

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