The Show Guaranteed to Make Your Kids Laugh


If there’s one word guaranteed to make a child giggle it’s ‘underpants.’ Rude enough to bring out any child’s naughty side, it has become the expression of the summer for the under 10s thanks to a live stage production.

Written by Claire Freedman and featuring illustrations by Ben Cort, Aliens Love Underpants is a hilarious tale of aliens coming to earth to abduct not humans but, you guessed it, our underwear. Already a hit book, it has been brought to life for the stage by Big Wooden Horse and Nick Brooke Limited resulting in a truly hilarious piece of theatre. Featuring stunning effects and original music, this madcap production is sure to appeal to both you and your kids.

Find out more: Aliens Love Underpants is live at Leicester Square Theatre until Sunday 31st August. Tickets start at £10. Leicester Square Theatre is a short walk from Leicester Square Tube station. Click here for more information.

Get your kids ready for their big day out with a pair of comfortable kicks:

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