The School Shoes Every Child Wants


As any kid will tell you, ensuring you look the part at school is essential. From the right backpack to a jacket from that must-have label, what students wear is crucial to fitting in. With this is mind, we look at the footwear trend that’s sweeping schools: the smart trainer.

The trend: Trainers may be banned from most schools but that hasn’t stopped brands like Vans and Converse from tapping into the term time market. With more and more style designed in all-black, these casual classics are becoming the shoes to be seen in. “Footwear that blurs the boundaries between smart and casual is increasingly popular with our customers,” comments TOWER London buyer Sophie Bacon. “Kids seem to be going for styles from brands such as Vans and Converse that fit in with school rules but are still deemed ‘cool’.”

Why it works: Two of the hottest names in footwear, it’s no coincidence that Vans and Converse’s popularity has filtered down to students. Fusing their signature designs with school-approved detailing, these brands’ shoes are comfy, versatile and of-the-moment.

Top tip: Other brands such as Timberland are tapping into this trend in a more subtle way with their rugged ankle boots. Less sporty than Vans and Converse, they offer kids a fresh take on a style that is both smart and casual.

Need to know: Always check with your child’s school about what shoes they do and don’t allow as some are stricter than others.

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