Which London Area Used to be a Farm?


Home to the likes of the Beckham clan and Elle Macpherson, Notting Hill is one of the most iconic areas in London, especially its central shopping street, Portobello Road. But did you know that this exclusive area actually used to be a farm? Yes, a real life farm with mud and all.

Back in 1740 the thoroughfare more commonly known as Golborne Road became the base of Admiral Edwaerd Vernon’s new farm. Named after the Spanish-ruled town of Puerto Bello which Vernon captured during the War of Jenkins’ Ear, it quickly morphed into ‘Portobello.’ Even the original namesake, which is in modern-day Panama, is now known as Portobelo.

So next time you walk down Portobello on a weekend, cast your mind back to what the area was like nearly 300 years ago (if your imagination lets you).

Heading to Portobello Road this weekend? Don’t forget these essential accessories:

Images, from top left, couresy of AliceKirkland13, _be_ba, kat_mar7 and mbuckingham via Instagram.

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