What to Pack for a Festival


Glastonbury may have been and gone but with a whole heap of festivals still to take place, the summer is looking busier than ever. Make sure you have what you need with our handy guide to the essentials no festivalgoer should be without.

Yes, we know we’re in the middle of a heatwave but you never can tell with British weather, which is why a good pair of wellies are a real must. They may be slightly more expensive but Hunter, Joules and Barbour are still some of the best brands when it comes to wet weather gear. “Remember, a decent pair of wellies will easily take you from season to season and winter to winter,” points our fashion and social media editor, Ellie Craig.

Going to a festival without a pair of shades is like going on holiday without your passport. Why? Not only will they shield the glare of the sun, they will also provide the perfect cover after an evening of too many ciders. “Sunglasses are like armour,” comments Ellie. “Once you have them on you’re ready to face the world.”

A Small Bag
A trendy backpack may be the item du jour but it’s best to have something that’s in your line of vision for a festival. A cross body bag is not only secure but a small one will ensure you have space for your essentials without it becoming too bulky. “I’d definitely go for a style which has a zipped fastening,” recommends Ellie.

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