NEW BALANCE | 574 vs 247


What’s the difference between the New Balance 574 & the 247?

Besides age, there are a few more differentiating factors between two of New Balances most popular silhouettes, the 574 and the 247

First impressions always count. The 574 features a classically retro, bold and chunky silhouette which is no doubt further exaggerated when sat alongside the 247, with its sleeker, more streamlined shape. Like chalk and cheese aesthetically, this should come as no surprise as the two styles launched a good 30 years apart. The 574 is a retro 80’s runner and a hybrid mashup of two other iconic NB styles-the 575 and the 576. The 247 is pretty foetal in comparison, only debuting in 2017 purely as a lifestyle sneaker, built to be worn…24/7

When viewed at a side profile it’s hard not to notice the difference in the toe boxes. Where the 247 features a tapered toe –a hallmark of the modern sneaker- the toe box on the 574 is softly rounded. Another typically contemporary attribute on the 247 is the sock-fit construction, a design feature that ensures a snug fit, rendering the lace-up fastening almost unnecessary. Lightweight and flexible, the 247 is built for its namesake

In its short life, the 247 has seen its fair share of updates. A TOWER favourite being the MRL247 collection that saw the mesh uppers replaced with a soft pigskin in a range of neutral colourways. Last season we saw the drop of the 574 Sport collection, a range that modernised the classic silhouette with mesh uppers, bold colour combinations and geometric accents all topped off with a higher cut ankle

It’s hard to deny the impressive endurance of the 574. This could be pinned down to a few factors. It’s a tough little sneaker that’s comfortable and well made, the understated design makes it easy to wear and the fact that it always comes in at a really fair price-point. The wearability and well-roundedness has also ensured it swiftly become the go-to silhouette for any of New Balance’s collab releases, see; Undefeated, Eric Haze, Nitraid, Atmos

It’s easy to find charm in these two very different New Balance styles. Back against the wall, we’d pick the 574. Born in the 1980’s, true to our roots, we’re a sucker for a retro classic

Ft the Grey 247

Ft the White / Flame 574 Sport

Ft the 574 in Glacier Blue, Coconut Brown & Off Violet

Ft the Sand MRL247

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