Name to Know: Laura Jae


Silky vocals and rich beats make singer Laura Jae the new name to know.

Who? Born in Greenwich, Londoner Laura Jae is not your usual solo singer. Raised on a rich – and eclectic – diet of music including Toni Braxton, The Carpenters and Norah Jones, Laura Jae has already scored her first number one in Malta where her collaboration with Audio Freaks saw her become the first Brit to ever enter their charts.

Tell me more: Proving that she has more than one string to her bow, Laura Jae has also performed in a rock band called Warehouse Republic, dabbled in dubstep and recorded (unreleased as yet) tracks with Rudimental. Among all of this she has also found time to write and record her own songs. Her new track, Let Go, is an intoxicating blend of melodic harmonies, Laura Jae’s trademark vocals and subtle electronic beats. Thanks to this mix that shouldn’t work but does, Laura Jae’s songs really do have something that will appeal to everyone.

Where can I get her single? Well, this is the great thing, Let Go is currently available as a free download and her new EP Silver Lined Hearts is released today.

Find out more: Click here to visit Laura Jae’s SoundCloud page.

Get ready to dance in these TOWERing heels:

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