May the Force be With You


Their collaborations with the likes of North Face and Supreme may have caused a stir but it’s Vans’ latest hook-up that’s really got everyone’s attention. Why? Because they’ve teamed up with none other than Star Wars. You heard us right: Star Wars.

Featuring classic artwork from the original Star Wars trilogy printed onto iconic Vans designs such as the Authentic, this really is a meeting of two cult powerhouses. It is also the first time any brand has been allowed to adapt the original Star Wars images. So you think you may just be purchasing some Hawaiian-inspired floral trainers, but look closer and you’ll find tiny images of Yoda.

“Unlike many collaborations, this one is particularly desirable thanks to the unique way both brands have approached this,” comments fashion and social media editor, Ellie Craig. “Not only have they included the stand-out images that everyone knows, but they have also recognised the fact that some people want more subtle designs. The result is a range of shoes that are sure to become collector’s items in years to come.”

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