What Makes Wimbledon Great


With the final fast approaching us, Wimbledon is once again whipping us up into a tennis-induced frenzy. Despite being much more civilised than either football or rugby, tennis really does know how to up the ante. But what makes it just so great and interesting? We caught up with some of Team TOWER to find out and discover their defining Wimbledon moments.

“I’d never been a huge tennis fan due to the fact I couldn’t get my head around the scoring system. Once I’d worked that out though it suddenly became a lot more appealing. I missed watching the final last year but instead listened to it on the radio while sitting in a lobby of a Berlin hotel and sharing one set of headphones with my boyfriend. It was unbelievably tense and very exciting. Every time I think of Wimbledon I think back to listening to Murray’s winning watch in Berlin.”
Ellie Craig, fashion and social media editor

“I have been to Centre Court once but remember the occasion for all the wrong reasons. A very glamorous girlfriend of mine in a silk summer dress invited me. As a gesture I provided a bottle of champagne for the picnic. Big mistake – don’t ever put a bottle of champagne down on the ground next to the concertina seats for some blockhead on a BlackBerry to walk past, raise the seat and knock the bottle over. The result – more like the winners podium at the Formula One Grand Prix. The champagne spray went everywhere and all over my friend. She became hysterical (obviously) and the whole stand started to cry with laughter. She disappeared to the bathrooms to come back all composed for it to happen again. It was an accident but to this day my friend doesn’t think so. I haven’t been back since.”
Simon Abbott, head of brand marketing

“Wimbledon wouldn’t be Wimbledon without strawberries and cream; and of course the tennis. Although I can’t play tennis myself I love to watch the games. In fact, I get way too excited, as my neighbours will tell you as they hear my screams of joy out the window when Murray wins a game. The highlight for me so far in Wimbledon is, of course, Andy Murray winning in 2013. I was quite literally on the edge of my seat when he won. My aim is to one day watch a game at Wimbledon and soak up the atmosphere; as well as treat myself to a bowl of strawberries of course.”
Tessa Zupyn, ecommerce associate

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