What Makes the Perfect Sunday?


Known as the day of rest, Sunday is, for many, an excuse to kick back before another busy week starts. But how do Team TOWER spend theirs?

“When I was growing up, Sundays were all about chilling out with my dad, watching The X Files (old school, I know), drinking lots of tea, eating even more crumpets and perhaps venturing out for a walk with the dogs. 15 years on and not much has changed, minus The X Files and dogs. I see Sundays as the perfect opportunity to relax, take it easy and treat yourself.”
Ellie Craig, fashion and social media editor

“My perfect Sunday would start with some fresh coffee and the morning papers followed by lunch with my family. If I had enough energy I’d finish the day with a session at the gym before heading to bed for an early night.”
Simon Abbott, head of brand marketing

“Unlike a lot of people, my perfect Sunday usually involves being here in the office. I really enjoy having time to take more creative photos while having a laugh with a few of the other people who pop in for a few hours. We also make sure we order in some delicious food, which definitely helps!”
Gabriel Baluta, photographer

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