How to Look After Your Jelly Shoes


They’re the shoes of the season but, unfortunately, our precious jellies can sometimes be prone to showing up dirt and not lasting as long as we’d like them to. Don’t let that put you off investing in these beauties though as we’ve put our heads together and discovered the best tips to ensure you get the most out of these must-have kicks.

Rinse After a Dip in the Sea
Without getting too scientific on you all, salt water is definitely one to try and avoid in your jellies thanks to its corrosive nature. Yes, yes, we know jellies are beach shoes which makes this nigh on impossible, but spending too much time in the waves is definitely not good news. If you do end up wearing them after a quick dip then make sure you rinse them in lots of fresh water to try and get as much salt water off as possible.

Don’t Pull Them Off
It may be tempting when you’re tired to just kick off your jellies but that’s the last thing you should be doing. They are, after all, just plastic and plastic isn’t made to be stretchy so you more you pull them off you weaker you make the straps. Instead, spend a minute extra undoing the buckles before rolling into bed.

Use Some Washing Powder
If your jellies are starting to lose their original brightness then resist the temptation to throw them in the washing machine. Instead, put them in a sink with lukewarm water and washing powder and give them a gentle scrub with a sponge (not the bristly side) until they’ve been reformed to their former glory.

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