Which London Building is Guarded by Ravens?


It’s one of the capital’s sturdiest-looking buildings, but did you know superstition has it that the Kingdom will collapse if the ravens ever leave the Tower of London? Yup, we know it sounds ridiculous but just to make sure this never happens there’s been at least six of these winged critters holed up in the fortress since 1883.

Cared for by the Yeomen Warders, the ravens have become a regular sight at this ancient castle. Built by William the Conqueror back in 1078, it was originally a symbol of oppression that was meant to remind Londoners that they had been defeated (as if they were about to forget). Since then it’s been home to everyone and everything from the Kray twins who were some of the last prisons held in the Tower, to the iconic Crown Jewels.

Considering the amount of shiny jewels held in the Tower, it’s just as well that ravens live there and not magpies.

Drawing by Mai Osawa from Christopher Winn’s book I Never Knew That About London. Click here to visit Mai’s website.

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