Why Kickers are Worth Every Penny


As any parent will tell you, kitting your kids out in time for the new term is not only potentially stressful, but also extremely expensive with some families having to pay up to £300 per child. However, there are some items you really can’t scrimp on, and a good pair of shoes is definitely one of them. Essential in ensuring your little one’s growing feet get the support they need, quality kicks really can help to lay the right foundations for later in life. One of the most popular choices in the playground at the moment is Kickers’ iconic Kick Hi ankle boots. But what makes this such a good pair of shoes? Ellie Craig finds out.

Breathable Leather
Although they can be more expensive than PU versions, leather shoes are a much better choice as they are softer and allow your feet to breathe. This is essential to ensure feet are kept nice and healthy.

Designed to be Durable
Specialist footwear brands such as Kickers, Start-rite and Lelli Kelly all know that very few kids will just sit still. Instead, they’ll be up on their feet and constantly running around. With that in mind, many styles have been designed to be scuff resistant, including Kickers’ Kick Hi ankle boots.

Chunky Soles
The last thing any parent wants to see is their child fall over. With this in mind, Kickers have designed a ridged, chunky sole which has not only become something of a trademark for them but is also extremely practical as it provides extra grip. This means that they are still suitable for rainy and even slightly snowy days.

Comfort First
From padded ankles to laced fastenings, each element of the Kick His has been designed with comfort in mind. While the padding will help to reduce rubbing, the laces ensure the foot is nice and secure and not slipping around at all.

Angled Soles
The back of the sole is slightly angled to ensure the foot moves naturally back and forth. In turn, this helps to protect the gait of the foot when walking.

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