Head West for a Taste of the East Coast


Got cravings for American food but don’t want to pay the air fare? Then head to Lucky 7 diner for authentic East Coast delicacies.

The restaurant: Lucky 7

Location: 127 Westbourne Park Road, London, W2 5QL


First impressions: Located in a residential area of Westbourne Park, the first thing you notice about Lucky 7 is how small it is. That is far from being a bad thing though. Instead, this neighbourhood restaurant has capitalised on its lack of space by creating a welcoming diner that encourages people to share its comfy green leather booths. Despite only having one waiter serving, the service was quick and friendly.


What we ate: After throwing our diets out of the window, we opted for a green chilli cheese burger and a confetti lentil melt with sides of fries and cheesy fries. Served with jalapenos, the green chilli cheeseburger was deliciously moist and, in a word, ‘awesome.’ The lentil melt was just as good. A crispy patty inside a seeded bun, it gave off the (albeit slightly false) impression that you were actually eating something healthy. The fries were crisp and delicious and the cheese added a decadent edge to the meal. After all of this indulging we were unfortunately too full for dessert, which was a shame as we had our eye on the homemade apple pie.


What we drank: Our original plan was to sample one of Lucky 7’s legendary cocktails but after spying the drinks cabinet with authentic American cans, we quickly changed our minds. Instead, we went for an A&W root beer and cream soda. They were everything we hoped they would be: sweet, sugary and definitely not good for us. They definitely hit the spot though.


Need to know: Lucky 7 is currently offering a Seven Deadly Sins menu Monday to Thursday where diners can treat themselves to a main for only £7 if they order before 7pm. The menu includes both the green chilli cheeseburger and the confetti lentil melt as well as a pulled pork sandwich, huevos rancheros and more.

Verdict: Considering the burger cravings we’ve had since visiting Lucky 7, it’s definitely safe to say we’ll be heading back to Westbourne Park very soon.

The damage: You can easily get two meals with sides and beers for under £40 which in our opinion, makes Lucky 7 an absolute steal.

What to wear: Take it easy with some relaxed new season Converse:

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