Go Back to School with TOWER London


Yes, we know it’s only just turned August but smart parents and in the know kids are already casting their minds forward to September. Why? Because before you’ve finished packing away your lilo, it’ll be time to head back to school and chances are new shoes will be needed. To make easy work of this often fraught activity, we’ve done the hard work for you. Here’s what you can look forward to:

Black, Black and More Black
We’re only too aware of how strict schools are when it comes to shoes, which is why we’ve spent a lot of time choosing styles from the likes of Kickers, Start-rite and Dr. Martens. With varying degrees of branding, you are sure to find a style that will suit both your child’s tastes and the school’s requirements.

A Free Bag
Every person who spends £60 or more between 1st August and 15th September 2014 will receive a free drawstring bag. Perfect for both school and the weekend, it is just the right size for all of your kid’s essentials.

The Perfect Fit
Having recently benefited from training by Start-rite, our in-store team members are dab hands in fitting shoes for your little treasures. Armed with special foot measurers, they will be more than happy to help find the perfect size shoe for your child.

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