Get Your Little One Ready for Back to School


With the new term just around the corner, many little ones are understandably dreading heading back to school. Relieve their worries with some top tips from TOWER London’s self-confessed schoolphobe, Ellie Craig.

Give them something to look forward to
“Remember that skinny, awkward kid at the back of the class that only spoke to a select number of people? Yup, that was me,” comments Ellie. “I was always ridiculously nervous about going back to school and as a result my parents came up with a way of easing me back into a new term. From a day out at the weekend to a takeaway pizza after I’d finished the first few days, little incentives really helped to banish the worries. After all, once you conquer the beginning, the rest is much easier to deal with.”

Discover the ‘right’ labels
“Ensuring you get to grips with the in labels at your child’s school is essential. For my year group the name to have was Kickers, which doesn’t seem to have changed much. Don’t be sucked into the trap of thinking you have to spend hundreds though; most school-ready brands ensure their prices are relatively reasonable.”

Don’t panic
“Seeing your child worry may result in you starting to panic, but that’s the last thing you want to let them see. Coax them along and encourage them and you’ll be amazed at how quickly it rubs off on your little one.”

Get ready for the new term with these school essentials:

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