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Proving that commercial success really can go hand in hand with your conscience, socially-aware flip flop brand Gandys has been paving the way for a new generation of businesses. Founded by brothers Paul and Rob Forkan in memory of their parents who they lost in the 2004 tsunami, Gandys have been giving back to fellow orphans by donating 10% of their annual profits to children’s charity Mango Tree Trust. An inspirational story if ever we heard one, TOWER London’s Sophie Bacon and Rink Bindra met younger brother Paul in his bamboo-strewn office to talk success, festivals and er, Boris Johnson.

Why do you think Gandys has been such a success story?
We genuinely think people really connect with us as a brand. We love to share our progress with our fans and they are actually able to see the good we are doing. For example, we are on track to build our first orphanage in India in early 2015, which is amazing.

What do you think you’re biggest accomplishment has been so far?
The fact we are able to help orphans in India while also educating young adults in the UK about how to set up their own businesses. We visit a lot of schools in the UK and set up workshops and schemes to teach them about the practical side of business, hopefully inspiring them to become entrepreneurs. We think that helping children abroad and in the UK at the same time is a great accomplishment.

What can we expect from Gandys over the summer months?
Like last year, we’re hoping to be at a lot of the UK festivals, and make a good impression with the young people there. We also have a lot of fun collaborations coming up including with Liberty of London, Serge DeNimes (Proudlock from Made In Chelsea’s fashion label) and Accessorize.

Who’s the most interesting, inspiring or funny person you have met?
Some of our biggest inspiration comes from other grassroot charities, for example we really connected with Coppafeel! and seeing what they are achieving makes us want to do even more. Also, Boris Johnson is as hilarious in real life as he is on TV. We had a great time when he came to officially open the office, he really got involved with the design a flip flop event and we even renamed one of our classic flip flops after him – Boris Blue!

What would be the dream future for Gandys?
Expanding our charity across the globe and being able to help orphans in every country.

Here at TOWER London we definitely think Gandys will make their dream a reality thanks to their dedicated team and colourful flip flops.

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