East London’s Best Street Art


Since east London became more accessible to visitors in the 1990s the area has been a blank canvas for hundreds of artists – including the infamous Banksy – desperate to make their mark on their urban surroundings. With new tags, stencils and murals going up on what seems like a daily basis, there really is a huge amount of original work on offer. Here’s our round-up of our faves that you really need to see.

Tube carriages
Relocated by artist Auro Foxcroft, the two old Tube carriages that sit atop Village Underground not only act as a prime target for artists but are also office spaces for creatives and hot deskers. The walls underneath the carriages are also home to an ever-changing rota of work.
Location: Corner of Holywell Lane and Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch

Banksy’s Jack the Ripper
Something of an anti-hero in the art world, Banksy has been creating topical works of art that mix humour with politics since the 1990s. One of his most famous is the Jack the Ripper piece featuring the Victorian murdered brandishing a graffiti can.
Location: Near Artillery Lane

Furia 139’s self-portraits
More ‘painterly’ than most, Portuguese street artist and illustrator Furia 1929 has been making his mark in London thanks to his mainly black and white works. His most recent addition is a large self-portrait mural on a shop’s shutters.
Location: Commercial Road

Regent’s Canal
Every street artists worth their salt has made their mark on along the bridges, buildings and old warehouses that line this waterway. Often changing thanks to the council’s determination to ‘clean up’ the canal, it is still a great location to spot exciting and original artwork (Burning Candy Crew have created art along here in the past).
Location: All along Regent’s Canal but particularly near Broadway Market

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