USA, 1974. A (One) star is born.

Sorry- couldn’t resist.

Like most Converse pairs, the One Star was created as a basketball sneaker. Unlike most Converse pairs, it didn’t feature the signature circle ankle patch, instead rocked a subtle 5-pointed star motif. Inspiring the style name.

The simple silhouette, nice suede uppers, and paired-back retro look ensured that by the early 90’s the One Star had gained an impressive cult status. A staple in the grunge and skate scenes, the One Star was most notably worn by Kurt Cobain. It became a rare vintage grail amongst the loud, sometimes garish footwear offerings of the 80’s & 90’s.

Hang on, could history be repeating itself? The One Stars present-day rise in popularity sort of goes against the grain of what’s ‘trending’ in the current footwear scene – mega chunky, bold, complicated models. It’s a welcome relief from dad-sneaker fatigue.

Is the One Star as popular as Converses’ signature Chuck Taylor silhouettes? No, not yet. With over 100 million pairs sold a year, the classic Chucks are still Converse’s most iconic style, but the One Star’s definitely looking like a strong contender for the title.

An ongoing collaboration with Tyler, the Creator has helped to further propel the One Star into the streetwear/ sneaker zeitgeist. Not to mention last Februarys launch of a mega 5-floor pop-up, The One Star Hotel. Oh, and the on-boarding of Zayn Malik (and his 30 mil strong following) as a brand ambassador doesn’t hurt either.

It’ll be interesting to see where Converse take this silhouette, and whether it could ever overtake the popularity of the Chuck Taylors. Either way, we don’t expect it to be going anywhere any time soon. A (One) Star in its own right.

And between you and me, they’re a little more comfortable than the Chuck Taylor.


To celebrate the collection, we sent a couple of pairs to some TWR family to shoot & style.



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