Upcoming Drops

UPCOMING DROPS | Ft Clear Weather

UPCOMING DROPS | Ft Clear Weather   NAME: Clear Weather PRICE: £100 – 250 DROP DATE: 24th September LOCATION: Website & TOWER Brick Lane store | www.tower-london.com  OVERVIEW: A new brand on board for AW18. Clear Weather is independently owned and family run (like TOWER) by brothers Joe & Brandon out of California. Our first drop

The Hi-Tec Backwater 146

UPCOMING DROPS | Ft The Hi-Tec Badwater 146 NAME: Hi-Tec Badwater 146 PRICE: £126 DROP DATE: 3rd September LOCATION: Website & TOWER Brick Lane store | www.tower-london.com  OVERVIEW: Making a welcomed re-arrival, Hi-Tec is back for 2018. One of a few select styles we’ll be stocking, the Badwater 146 is a classic retro silhouette with a serious

The Skechers D’Lite

  UPCOMING DROPS | Ft The Skechers D’Lite NAME: Skechers D’Lites PRICE: £59 DROP DATE: Early August LOCATION: Website & all five of our stores | www.tower-london.com  OVERVIEW: Back in a big way. Basking in the wave of the dad-sneaker trend, the Skecher’s D’Lite could be pegged as the original 90’s chunky silhouette, although one that was

The Ash Addict

UPCOMING DROPS | Ft The Ash Addict   NAME: Ash Addict PRICE: £225 DROP DATE: 20th August LOCATION: Website only | www.tower-london.com  OVERVIEW: Italian label Ash works a premium take on the chunky sneaker trend. The colourways dropping- tonal grey & soft pastels – should satisfy a range of tastes. The mega bulky profile is