Album Review: Addis to Omega by Dub Colossus

Led by Dubalah – aka Nick Page – Addis to Omega is the fourth studio album from fusion band Dub Colossus. Known for their ability to cross genres with strong vocals, bold beats and dance-worthy rhythms, Dub Colossus is a musical force to be reckoned with.

And Addis to Omega doesn’t disappoint. The opening track Boom Ka Boom is like a musical declaration of what you can expect from the rest of the record. Starting with booming vocals and an addictive rhythm, the track is the perfect balance of reggae, funky jazz and bold bass.

As well as beats you can’t help but move your head to, there is also some social commentary in the forms of Family Man, The Casino is Burning Down and We are the Playthings of the Rich which lambasts liars, gamblers and the jet set respectively. Don’t be put off these tracks though, their funky undertones and rich vocals will still reel you in. These tracks also showcase the band’s talent at being able to put two sides of the story across to the listener.

The title track, a mix of strong female vocals and world beats, is the perfect homage to Ethiopia’s capital and expertly brings together a number of influences including jazz and reggae. The album takes a slightly softer turn towards the end with dreamy Middle Eastern beats in The Shape of Things to Come and sax-led instrumentals in Tale of 2 Cities.

The ideal choice for anyone who refuses to have their music tastes pigeonholed; Addis to Omega really is a blinder of an album and definitely not to be missed.

Addis to Omega will be released on 9th June via Independent Records Limited. Click here for more information on live gigs. The band is also running a PledgeMusic campaign, click here for more details.

Listen to their Sound Cloud now.

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